KYO is one of the best-known manufacturers of male sex toy maintenance products. Their cleaning and storage accessories are a definite must-have for those who want their onaholes to serve for a long time and deliver the same scale of an amazing experience as new masturbators.

Besides maintenance products, KYO also specializes in sex machines, onaholes, and onahips of unique design. All their products have excellent quality and will be the best value for money.

Discreet look and feel with KYO Maintenance Products

Owning an onahole or onahip is so great, no man will deny it. But when it comes to cleaning and storage - this is the least favorite side of it. However, in some cases, maintenance could take even longer than the pleasant part, spoiling all the fun and joy.

Fortunately, the manufacturers from Japan have already understood the need for effective and cost-efficient maintenance products. KYO offers a wide range of accessories designed to make each minute of owning an onahole for you pleasant and effortless.

KYO manufactures a series of cleaning products, storage bags, and even onahole warmers and drying sticks! And if you are not sure which of all those accessories you really need - MotsuToys offers a KYO Starter Kit with all the essentials. Buying the bundle will save you €16,85, and you will receive everything you need to keep your toys clean and safe for a long time.

KYO Masturbators - You don't want to miss those!

Although KYO is best known for its maintenance products, they also produce quite a few onaholes. All their products have very special designs like you haven’t seen before.

For example, look at their Crystal Mouth oral masturbator! It’s not actually transparent! Can you imagine seeing yourself moving back and forth inside the slightly pink month? But it also has a pussy on the other side so you can use it two ways. Another example of their unique toys is a Plush sex doll that will allow you to turn any pocket pussy into a real sex doll without spending real sex doll money.

KYO Sex Machines

KYO offers men a pleasure beyond a simple pocket pussy. They manufacture several automatic masturbators for men that will allow you to relax and let the toy do its job. You can choose from a simple but effective KYO Capsule to a more sophisticated and powerful KYO Piston.

Order KYO products now and try them yourself!

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KYO maintenance poweder
KYO Piston main

KYO Piston - Sexmaschine für Männer

Regulärer Preis: 154,95 €

Special Price 134,95 €

Piston Sleeve #1 Vaginal
Piston Sleeve #2 Anal
Piston Sleeve #3 Oral
KYO Bound Kohai tight oral masturbator onahole luxury packaging

KYO Bound Kohai - Blowjob Masturbator

Regulärer Preis: 62,45 €

Special Price 29,95 €

KY Seven Sins Large Masturbation Hip 7 kg with box
KYO Pleasure Hip Jeans Dual Tunnel

KYO Jeans Girl

Regulärer Preis: 99,95 €

Special Price 72,45 €

KYO Onahole Warmer
KYO Onahole Drying Stick
KYO Crystal Mouth Double Sided Pocket Pussy with box
KYO sex toy storage bag for onaholes small

KYO Toy Sack Small

Regulärer Preis: 6,95 €

Special Price 4,95 €

1 to 12 of 24 products

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