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Beschreibung / Kuru-Kuru 11

Onahole mit 11 spiralförmigen Falten für maximale Stimulation

Der Kuru-Kuru 11 ist ein schweres Onahole, das Ihre wildesten Fantasien wahr werden lässt. Es fühlt sich dank der einzigartigen 11 spiralförmigen, hautähnlichen Falten, die Ihren Schwanz auf die richtige Weise stimulieren, unglaublich gut an. Mit diesem Onahole werden Sie sich fühlen, als würden Sie in eine echte Muschi eindringen.

Auf der Vorderseite der Verpackung ist ein verruchtes, schlankes Mädchen mit rosa Haaren und einem schelmischen Pferdeschwanz abgebildet, das nur wenig der Fantasie überlässt. Öffnen Sie einfach die Schachtel, nehmen Sie das Kuru-Kuru 11 Onahole in die Hand und probieren Sie es aus. Diese 11 charakteristischen Falten werden Ihren Schwanz perfekt stimulieren, bis Sie einen explosiven Orgasmus erleben.

Super dehnbares und weiches Onahole für Ihr Vergnügen

Die Kuru-Kuru 11 ist wirklich einzigartig und es fühlt sich himmlisch an, wenn Sie Ihren Penis einführen. Die weichen, spiralförmigen Falten umschmeicheln Ihren Penis und führen ihn in eine kuschelige Gebärmutterkammer, die sich beim Stoßen fantastisch anfühlt. Außerdem ist dieses Onahole extrem dehnbar und Sie können daran ziehen und damit spielen, wenn Sie masturbieren. Der Tunnel besteht außerdem aus einem speziellen Material, das sich Ihrem Schwanz nach einiger Benutzung anpasst und für maximalen Komfort und Genuss sorgt.

Fühlt sich unglaublich an auf Ihrem Penis

Wenn Sie erst einmal das Kuru-Kuru 11 Onahole benutzen, werden Sie den Unterschied zu anderen Onaholes sofort bemerken und das Resultat lieben. Der superweiche Vaginaltunnel fühlt sich lebensecht an, und die vielen Falten steigern das Erlebnis noch weiter. Spritzen Sie einfach etwas Gleitmittel auf Ihren Penis und geben Sie Vollgas mit dem Kuru-Kuru 11.


Anzahl der Löcher: 1
Gewicht: 560 g
Länge des Tunnels: 5,7 Zoll
Marke: G Project

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Surprisingly good
Review by MajinSoul
badge-check Verified Buyer
I went into this with no expectations and was positively surprised. This thing is pretty meaty and is not sticky on the outside unlike pretty much all of my other onaholes. The texture is on the more intense side and the moment of first penetration felt almost overwhelmingly intense for me when I put my dick back in after completely sliding out but I actually liked that ;). This is one of those onaholes that doesn't come with a pussy shaped opening which is a bummer but it's probably for the better in terms of durability and cleaning.

Overall a really good onahole that is on the more pricey side.
(PS: Also pretty cute box art)
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International Reviews

Very good
Bewertung von jamesbond
This is a large item made from a very high quality TPE. The outside feels like a candy foam and the inside is flesh-like with heavily stimulating ridges. You should use this with a lot of lubricant. If you want to clean it, just turn it inside out and you're done. I am very satisfied. I'm curious about the other items from this brand.
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Quality has its price?!
Bewertung von r/onaholes2 Reddit
Here are some additional pictures to the ones I'll be referring to within the review:

In my opinion, G-Project has always had some of the best product packaging designs, and this one is no exception. It also comes with some extras like lube and even a zip-up toy bag.
It also has this small illustration on top, which I find hilarious.

At 560 g, its a medium sized onahole that should also be long enough for most average- to larger -sized penises. Its walls are also thick enough so that you dont feel your hand gripping it.
The exterior design alludes to the interior and feels nice and grippy
The entrance is a simple round opening with some tiny grooves at the beginning of the tunnel
Its screw thread shaped tunnel ends in a tiny uterus like passage, that you can actually feel. To get a better understanding of its tunnel design, i filmed a video with an endoscope camera:
There is also this illustration on the side of its box, which I tried to do a photo translation of:
One downside to this design is that this toy eats lube for breakfeast. I literally have to use around 4 to 5 times the usual amount for it to be sufficiently lubricated.

A postive thing that I immediatly noticed was the non-sticky and non-oily material.
This should be expected in its factory powdered condition, but even after washing it several times, it feels nearly the same! It seems like they used a special rougher coating on the outside to achieve this.Its really awesome to see how far onahole technology has come.This is propably my favourite feature of this toy, and I sincerely hope it will last even in the long run.
Softeness-wise, its medium soft, id say a 5/10 on a scale from one to ten. This and the fact that the internal structure is a spiral instead of multiple closed rings, make the onahole feel less fragile than many similar designs.

Regarding the stimulation, I would rate this medium to high stimulation toy at a 7/10.
The internal structure is highly stimulating, but there are tighter onaholes and onaholes made out of harder materials that can top this.
Personally, i usually prefer really soft but heavily textured onaholes to do some edging before finishing.But i really like this toys feeling nontheless: its a really enjoyable design that you can actually feel in detail unlike many onaholes with micro textures.

Overal, im really impressed with this onahole so far. **Im giving it an 8/10 rating.**I just wish they would make a soft version; then it would be perfect for me.It definitely landed a spot in the top 5 of my collection though.The only downsides I could find with it, are the amount of lube required, above average cleaning effort because of the complex structure, and the relatively high price tag of 75€.
The price point is kindof justified though, in my opinion, as its non-sticky and barely oily material feels much higher quality than most of its competitors.
So if youre like me, also too lazy to powder your toys and make a mess after every cleaning and also bothered by toys leaking oil and becoming overly sticky over time, then you will love this onahole.

Pros and Cons:
+Awesome high quality non sticky and non oily material
+Feels great
+Durable single layer material
+Perfect size and meaty walls
+Nice packaging and extras
-Needs lots of lube
-Cleaning takes a little more effort than usual
-Pricier than most similiar sized onaholes
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Pretty good
Bewertung von oss
Overall pretty good. Had no problems cleaning it with sponge stick. Needs more lube than some other ones.
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