Super Hard and Tight ~Cyclist Girl~

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Cyclist Girl: Hard and Tight

Experience one of ToysHeart's most unique onaholes, with a hardness and tightness that is off the charts!

As made obvious by the title, this transparent pocket pussy truly focuses on giving you a tight and hard experience. When we say 'hard', what we really mean is the sharp turn in the onahole itself which is unmoving and very sturdy. Despite this, it is still pleasant to the touch, and is sure to give you pleasure. You should try it out!

The interior tunnel is really like a ride on your bike, you go in and are greeted by the coiling curves of the road. Then, suddenly, a collision! A hard turn causes you to crash and go into super hard spiral. Be sure to be ready for the strong stimulation afterwards by the countless bumps, sure to bring you to maximum pleasure!

Cyclist Girl Onahole specifications

Weight: 385gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 6,5cm
Tunnel length: 15cm
Material: TPE
Made by: ToysHeart